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Energy Technologies and Energy Systems

The high-voltage lab

The field of energy technologies and energy systems deals with future questions about sustainable energy supply and efficient energy usage. It offers an attractive content portfolio for teaching and research which will continue to develop rapidly in the coming years. Emphasis is being placed on the following focal points: energy and environment, new power grids and infrastructure, innovative electric drives, electric mobility, integration of renewable energy into the energy grids, information and communication technologies for energy systems, and accelerating energy efficiency and energy management technologies. It paves the way for overcoming future challenges in the energy and environmental sector (key words: converting the energy system into a sustainable system, smart grids, and efficient energy conversion technologies). Students of this subject learn to research, refine, and implement theoretical and technological approaches to these problems.

The continued close cooperation with the TU Wien’s Energy and the Environment core research area and the collaboration in further developing these cross-faculty, interdisciplinary key topic are of central importance.

A basic challenge in all these fields is the need for holistic “system thinking”, whereby significant increases in the technical efficiency and reliability of the entire energy system can be achieved by selectively using information technologies, integration, and strategic planning. Encouraging systems thinking to supplement component development opens up challenging future research potential in the field of methodology. Effective networking can increase productivity in a resource-efficient manner; for example, intelligently linking energy consumers and suppliers in future smart cities and supergrids has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 and other emissions.

The following institutes are involved:

Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives

Automation and Control Institute

Institute of Telecommunications